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We love listings! We love the process, the creativity, the collaboration and synergy with the Homeowner. What is in our job description? Everything! Marketing, PR, Designer, Landscaper, Housekeeper, Stager, Therapist, Mediator and oh, yeah...... Negotiator. No one day is ever the same. Routines and schedules are subject to constant change and we love it! In the very simplest of terms we market and sell homes but in reality our jobs sometimes defy description. We need to be flexible, creative and have the ability to manage personalities, expectations and timeframes. We had a longtime client's son reach out to us recently for advice. He wants to get into Real Estate, he has been in the Military and wants to apply the same "military precisi...

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The world today seems full of bad news, heartbreaking stories of loss, natural disasters and general unrest. Sometimes turning on the TV news takes a “fingers crossed-silent prayer” approach for me. I’m not a writer, I’m a Realtor. I’ve been in some form of Real Estate since I was 16. First in Escrow, then Escrow Management and finally Real Estate Sales, with my husband, where after almost 17 years, I finally feel like I belong. We are lucky enough to be best friends, confidants and true partners in every way. He makes me laugh, I make him focus. A wonderful partnership of opposites. Now THAT I am grateful for, but beyond that I am grateful a new year is starting. This past one has been challenging in many ways.

Now, I feel like a lot of us feel that way, overwhelmed. When I hear and see what friends, family and clients (who often have become friends) are dealing with these days I end of asking “What can I do?”. I’m not in a position, physically, to undertake any massive campaign to rescue and house families and/or barn animals, being that I am still in a neck brace and can’t lift anything over 5 lbs.

We can, however, reach out with emotional support, offers of meals and a guest room. We can help to coordinate insurance, vendor and disaster assistance questions. We have contacts and people who need contacts, we can be source of information and empathy.

Right now, our guest room, is a temporary home to 2 cats. Victims of the Ojai fire evacuations. Dear clients, who have become even dearer friends, were scrambling to house 2 large dogs, 3 inherited cats (1 with health issues) and themselves. We offered, they accepted. For the moment, it’s the cats, we can feed, comfort and clean their litter boxes. Take 1 stress off of our friends list. Admittedly, it’s not much, I wish we could do more. Who knows? maybe we will. I’m looking for ways We CAN help, a little here, a little there.

Can you imagine, if we all did that? A little here, a little there? The feeling of “good neighbors” that we could create? A place where everyone felt “someone” cared. No one should feel alone or lost, we can all be the “helpers” that Mr. Rogers taught us about when we were kids. Being a “helper” can consist of as little as smiling at a stranger and making them feel seen. Right now, I’m helping by sitting on my guest room floor trying to coax 2 scared kitties out from under the bed to eat. How can you help someone today?


We get to see a lot of beautiful homes, but did you know we choose to call Dos Vientos our home? There are so many reasons why. We have the scoop on Conejo Unified Schools and all Dos Vientos has to offer on our blog.

From the San Fernando Valley to the Conejo Valley, there are beautiful neighborhoods abound. We’re proud to market and help our clients purchase gorgeous dream homes all over the city, but there’s one ‘hood that especially close to our hearts. There are so many reasons we have chosen to call Dos Vientos home, but here are just a few:

5. The rolling hills receive a cooling breeze from the ocean to the west, which creates the ideal climate.

4. The serene natural landscape of the Santa Monica Mountains = the most perfect sunsets.

3. Dos Vientos Ranch is part of the Conejo Valley Unified School District, which offers advanced placement high school courses in addition to the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Newbury Park High School!

2. Miles of hiking and horseback trails as well as more than 50 acres of parks and recreational space.

1. Perfectly located, convenient to Ventura and LA counties and the beach!

Looking to freshen up your home for sale? The answer is easy…

Nothing says pride of ownership like a beautiful entryway. If you’re preparing your home to list for sale, you may be wondering what subtle touches you can add to present your home in the best light, or maybe you’re considering more comprehensive remodeling. In either case, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way.

If you have a neutral colored home, you can get away with painting the front door just about any color you can think of — from a classic red, to a hip shade like dusty pink, teal or midcentury yellow.

If you’re thinking of listing your home for sale in the Sam Fernando Valley or Conejo Valley area, we’d love to share our insider ...

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Live the good life in Chatsworth’s gated communities
Chatsworth Luxury Homes? Our specialty. Scenic Chatsworth, California offers a number of premier gated neighborhoods with proximity to all the amenities Los Angeles has to offer. We are proud to have helped many wonderful clients find their dream homes in Chatsworth. We have also represented numerous luxury listings in these superb neighborhoods.

Indian Springs Estates

Nestled in the Santa Susana Mountains of Chatsworth, the Indian Springs Estates Community features custom luxury estates with the unparallelled privacy of a 24 hour double guarded gates. The prestigious neighborhood offers homes with lots of at least two to four acres in size. The neighborhood offers incomparable pr...

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Last week we talked about the Chatsworth Nature Preserve, which includes the Chatsworth Reservoir. Today on the blog, we appreciate the storied history of this San Fernando Valley landmark.

The North San Fernando Valley is not unlike the Wild Wild West in landscape, and back in the 1920s it was just that. The Chatsworth Reservoir area, 1,318-acre property owned by LADWP, was the backdrop for many of Hollywood’s most beloved films long before it was set aside as a nature preserve. First built in 1919, the reservoir has been officially closed since the 1971 Sylmar quake. The reservoir was intended to assist the city’s water drive, but as the Valley’s agricultural lands quickly converted to housing tracts, demand outweighed the capabilities of the reservoir. So here’s a look at the short-lived golden years of the reservoir:

Three Word Brand (1921), Chatsworth Lake


Tess of the Storm Country (1922), Chatsworth Lake


Hell’s Angels (1930)


Out California Way (1946), Chatsworth Reservoir


Sioux City Sue (1946) — starring Gene Autry, Chatsworth Reservoir


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The Chatsworth Nature Preserve is a major City of Los Angeles open space preserve teeming with wildlife

As animal lovers, conservation efforts to preserve the natural habitat of indigenous species is important to us, so you can imagine how excited we were to learn that in an inconspicuous corner of the San Fernando Valley is home to more than 200 bird species plus numerous mammals, amphibians and reptiles. The Chatsworth Nature preserve encompasses 1,325 acres which include oak woodlands, savanna, riparian areas, grassland, vernal pools, and an Ecology Pond.

Although the preserve is close to points of interest like Stoney Point and Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, you won’t be able to visit. Since 1994, City Ordinance has limited use of the land strictly to scientific study and education (probably for good reason, you won’t want to get caught walking Fido alongside the bobcats, falcons, hawks, coyotes and gray wolves who live within the preserve). However, a limited area of the park is open to the public one day a year, an Earth Day celebration hosted by LADWP.

Like much of the Chatsworth area, the nature-esque terrain has garnered the attention of Hollywood and has been the setting of many films and TV shows, especially Westerns. Feature films that were shot in part at what now comprises the Chatsworth Nature Preserve include The Ten Commandments, Donovan’s Brain, The Palomino, Susanna Pass, Sioux City Sue, Man from Rainbow Valley, Out California Way, Home on the Range, Hell’s Angels, Tess of the Storm Country, Three Word Brand and The Karate Kid. Television shows filmed there include The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Rin Tin Tin II, and The Dukes of Hazard.


The striking sandstone hills of Chatsworth are one of the most widely filmed outdoor locations in the world.

Iverson Movie Ranch in particular was a hub of the Hollywood film industry through the 1950s, and the most photographed outdoor location ranch in motion picture history.

Situated in the northwest corner of Chatsworth, Iverson Movie Ranch has been used to recreate lands as far away as Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the South Seas. The Wild West was a very frequent setting. One of the Chatsworth properties we sold this year included on its grounds the iconic “Ambush Rock” from the Lone Ranger TV series! The reason for the site’s popularity was likely a combination of its profound and unique natural beauty and Hollywood’s “studio zone” rule, which made it beneficial for studios to choose filming locations within 30 miles of Hollywood to keep costs down. Iverson Movie Ranch fell just within this designated area and eventually became the go-to outdoor location for Westerns in particular.

The film history of the ranch began in the early 1900s, when Karl and Augusta Iverson first allowed a movie to be shot on their beautiful 500-acre property in the Santa Susana Mountains. The ranch’s records have been long lost in a fire, but silent films were the first to be shot on site, including Man’s Genesis (1912), My Official Wife (1914), and The Squaw Man (1914). 1912 also was the year the California Aqueduct opened, bringing an influx of commerce and industry to Los Angeles along with the water.

Other television productions and movies filmed at Iverson Movie Ranch include Gunsmoke (1955-1975), Bonanza (1959-1973), Jezebel (1938), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), The African Queen (1951), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), and countless others. (See the full filmography on IMDB–there are tons!)

When construction of the 118 freeway was completed, Iverson Movie Ranch’s viability as a filming location was essentially gone. The noise from the freeway traffic would carry across the sandstone hillsides and make recording extremely difficult. In 1982, Joe Iverson sold most of the ranch and it began to be subdivided. What was once “Upper Iverson” is now the site of the exclusive guard gated Indian Springs and Indian Falls communities.

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The 1800 foot Conejo Valley landmark known as Conejo Mountain is the most recent addition to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s “wish list” for land acquisition and preservation.

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The luxury gated communities of Chatsworth are highly sought after for their privacy and safety, natural beauty, and easy access to the West Side and downtown Los Angeles.

Chatsworth is home to a variety of prestigious gated communities, including Indian Oaks Estates, Monteria Estates, Indian Springs Estates, Indian Falls Estates, and Summit Ridge. While each community has its own unique feel and different offerings, they all share a number of positive attributes that have made Chatsworth such a coveted destination for Los Angeles luxury homeowners.

1. Natural beauty and epic views

Set against the backdrop of the serene Santa Susana Mountains, the luxury homes of Chatsworth and the North San Fernando Valley are naturally surrounded by the beautiful and dramatic landscape that has drawn generations of artists and filmmakers to the area. The unique, rocky outcroppings and chaparral-covered mountainsides provide an undeniable feeling of calm and connection to nature that permeates each Chatsworth community.

2. Safety and privacy

The luxury gated communities of Chatsworth enjoy the safety and security of each community’s gates and 24-hour guard services, as well as homeowners associations with their own community safety protocols.

3. Beautiful and spacious homes

The luxury homes in the gated communities of Chatsworth range in size and style, from traditional to Mediterranean. The homes in each community share a focus on luxury taste and lifestyle, with incredible amenities, the highest quality finishes, and their trademark sweeping mountain views. For example, homes in the Indian Falls Estates community were constructed in the early 2000s and range in size from approximately 3600-5300 square feet on lush, sizeable lots up to 1 acre in size. The homes in the Indian Springs Estates community are situated on lots of at least 2-4 acres.

4. Community amenities

Chatsworth residents have their pick of seven public and eight private schools to choose from. The location of these communities, nestled against the Santa Susana Mountains, provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing. The unparalleled natural scenery is very peaceful and allows residents to live in harmony with the incredible local wildlife.

5. Close proximity to downtown Los Angeles and the West Side

Though it’s hard to believe when gazing out at the Santa Susana Mountains, Chatsworth is just thirty miles from downtown Los Angeles. The luxury gated communities of the area are conveniently situated near the 118 freeway, offering easy transit to DTLA, the West Side, and the greater Los Angeles area. This makes Chatsworth ideal for those who do business or enjoy spending time in urban Los Angeles, but prefer peaceful, natural surroundings at home.

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