Conejo Mountain Added to Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Wish List


The 1800 foot Conejo Valley landmark known as Conejo Mountain is the most recent addition to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s “wish list” for land acquisition and preservation.

If you’ve driven through the Conejo Valley up or down the Conejo Grade on the 101 Freeway, without a doubt you’ve seen Conejo Mountain. The Grade runs along the mountainside. The peak rises to an 1800 foot elevation where it abuts Newbury Park’s Dos Vientos on one side and agricultural Camarillo on the other.

While locally, the mountain is one of the Conejo Valley’s many areas of open space beloved for its hiking, biking, and diverse wildlife population, mining operations have been ongoing at Conejo Mountain since 1959. Quarrying started in the late 1800s when Southern Pacific Railroad turned to the area for materials to build their railroad. Extensive grading and mining now threaten Conejo Mountain, most of which is owned by Pacific Rock, a Camarillo-based mining operation.

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy voted this week to amend its land acquisition program to include Conejo Mountain in an effort to ideally preserve the aesthetic, ecological, and recreational value of the area. This doesn’t mean that actually acquiring Conejo Mountain will happen anytime soon, but it does open the door to possibility of raising funds to purchase the land in the future. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has helped improve more than 100 public recreation areas throughout southern California, including the preservation of over 70,000 acres of parkland.