Newbury Park’s Stagecoach Inn: Ventura County’s 30th Historical Landmark


Newbury Park’s iconic Stagecoach Inn was originally built in 1876 as the Grand Union Hotel, at the corner of what is now the 101 Freeway and Ventu Park Road.
This local, historical gem is a great example of what makes the Conejo Valley so special: the confluence of sprawling natural beauty, community life, and big city amenities. The area’s incredible history is fascinating and permeates the local neighborhoods to this day

The Early Days of the Stagecoach Inn
At the time of its construction in 1876, the Grand Union Hotel was intended as a stopover point on the long stagecoach journey from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. The original location, where the 101 Freeway meets Ventu Park Road, is hard to picture as a remote outpost now with all of the surrounding retail and restaurants. But at the time, the Stagecoach Inn was the only stop in the area on the mail & passenger route.

Ventura Freeway Expansion
In the 1960s, the expansion of the 101 Freeway threatened to destroy the Stagecoach Inn. In 1965, in the nick of time, the Inn was granted Historical Landmark status and moved to its present location.

The Stagecoach Inn & Museum
51 S Ventu Park Rd, Newbury Park, CA 91320

On April 25, 1970, the museum and its contents were entirely destroyed by a mysterious fire. The museum was rebuilt in the original Monterey style, and was reopened in 1976.

The picturesque museum is now an incredible local treasure trove of the Conejo Valley’s history, displaying many items from as far back as the late 1800s. Some exhibits focus on the area’s Chumash culture, and others on the Spanish and Pioneer eras. The museum is volunteer-operated and offers a “Junior Docent” program for youth from 8-18 years of age. Learn more on their website: